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This web server was developed by Dr. Fei Tao (SJTU & MIT) with the QTY/NTY protein solubilizing strategy as the core concept. The web server developing work was started in MIT (Center for Bits and Atoms) and mainly finished in SJTU. The web site physically locates on the SJTU campus and is being maintained and updated by Dr. Fei Tao.

If you have any problems or questions related on using the server, please contact Dr. Fei Tao for assistance. You are encouraged to contact us by email, but you can also call for help by the number provided below at working time (9:00 to17:00, Monday to Friday, GMT+8).

We are still trying to improve the service and make it available for different work fields. Therefore, any suggestions about enhancing the service are warmly welcome. We appreciate any advices that can make the service more convenient and powerful.

Currently, we only provide web-service, and there is no stand-along package available. If you want to do a genome-scale design, please contact us. Please be aware that we do not have that computing power for providing genome-scale service for the library design.Anyway, please contact us, if you wonder that and have powerful computing resources. We will try our best to provide help.

Please be aware that this server developed only for academic use. Any kinds of commercial use need to be permitted in writing. Any act of infringement is at risk of being sued.

Please also be aware that the QTY/NTY strategy is of MIT's IP, if you are interested in using the technology comercially, you are suggested to contact Dr. Shuguang Zhang for further information.

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